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+48% More conversions on product page thanks to optimized descriptions

Join +100 Brands


More conversions on product page thanks to optimized descriptions

Join +100 Brands

All the eCommerce platforms

Product descriptions that match your products for more conversion


Unique models by domain (cosmetics, clothing, food) for even more relevance.


Our system asks you for the most important data to create the best description

Optimized descriptions for all your platforms (Your store, Amazon, Cdiscount, Etsy)

Get rid of manual action, growth your rentability


Make more Quality content for less and get more traffic


Publish up to 1000 descriptions with a single click on your store with our Woocommerce Plugin or our powerful integrator tool.


Analyze your data in a few clicks and improve your products (from conception to marketing).

Thanks to CopyEcom, I increased the organic traffic of my site by 247% in 3 months.

How it works ?

Choose one of our optimized models

Use one of our 40 templates to write your product descriptions until you discover the benefits of your products.

It’s up to you, fill in the fields

Fill in the different fields with precision. The more precise, the better CopyEcom works. We include tutorials to help you (with lots of bonus tips).

Your content is almost ready!

Just check the content, if you don’t like it? Click on refresh, it’s free! As soon as it’s good: format it and click on copy.

Publish your content. 

Follow our tutorials, improve your products, create content to develop your store. You will soon see your visitors and sales increase.

Included in CopyEcom

Woocommerce Plugin 

Our plugin integrates directly with your WordPress, it allows you to write your product descriptions even faster.

Editor Tool

Use our tool to write all your needs to develop your online store by following our guides and tutorials.

Intégrator Tool

Generate hundreds of descriptions on CopyEcom. Then integrate them to your store in one click no matter what platform you use.

What you think about us

With CopyEcom, product descriptions integrate and adapt to your shop effortlessly, saving up time for brand development. Do not hesitate !

Erwan – E-merchant

A great experience that makes it easy for my editors to produce product descriptions in bulk. With a few clicks of the mouse, it generates plenty of product descriptions. Main benefits: – increased productivity on product input – reduced writing costs – freed up my team’s time

Romain – Dropshipper

I recently gave CopyEcom a try for writing product descriptions. It definitely boosted my productivity. As a freelance I recommend it. It is a good time saver that allows me to focus on more important tasks instead of wasting effort on long and repetitive texts.

Thomas – eCommerce Writer

We use CopyEcom software to save time on writing our product descriptions for our SEO/SEA e-commerce business. As we need to offer many products, this app allows us to progress quickly while maintaining high quality standards. I recommend it.

Enzo Honoré – e-commerce entrepreneur, coach and speaker