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What you get with a premium plan

Automatic input of the product name

No input from you is required. Just 3 clicks and we take care of everything!

Description Self-optimized

Our system creates the most optimized descriptions for your niche.

Increase your conversion rate

Generate a description wait 1 month and watch its performance, if it does not convert regenerating a new one for free.

Analyzer for your product page (soon)

We have analyzed thousands of product pages that convert. We give you a grade and the optmization to do.

One Click Import/Export

Connect CopyEcom with your store to publish your descriptions in few clics


Batch system (1 to 1000 products)

Go have a coffee and when you come back all the descriptions will be ready!

100% Original Content

Obtain unique descriptions and avoid duplicate content (plagiarism-free)

Simultaneous processing (2X faster)

Analyze, optimize and correct your descriptions during generation with our editor.

Quality control filter

Analyze & Optimize your products in real time with our internal audit.

Multiple Optimized Templates

Use the best performing models on the market (SEO paragraph, Amazon listing, meta description).

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