The content of a product sheet is important to inform potential customers about what they are buying. Product sheets contain information about the product’s features and benefits, as well as instructions on how to use the product. Product sheets can be generated automatically with WooCommerce or created manually.

Create your product sheet in Woocommerce : good practices

Your product page has only one objective: to sell your products. The whole creation of your file must be done around that. Tell yourself what I would want to know if I were interested in this product.

A product sheet is a document that describes the features of a product and explains how it can be used. It is typically used by manufacturers to inform potential customers about the benefits and unique features of their products. Product sheets can also be used by consumers to compare different products and choose the one that best suits their needs.

It’s important to remember that a good product won’t sell if no one sees it. That’s why it’s important to optimize your product page for SEO so you can attract natural traffic every day.

1. Name your product in Woocommerce

When you create a product in WooCommerce, it is important to name it well so that it can be easily identified by customers. In addition, you need to make sure that the product information is up to date and complete.

It is important that your product name matches a user’s query. For this, we recommend that you use SEO software to identify keywords that may be of interest to you. (Semrush, Ubbersugest or Ahrefs).

It is important that the name of your product is unique and is not already used by another product on the market. Be careful not to use registered brand names without permission.

2. Set the right price for your product in your back office

The price of your product should be in line with your target audience. If you are targeting high-end consumers, your price should reflect the quality and prestige of your brand. If you are targeting mid-level consumers, your price should be competitive with other products in your category. If you are targeting low-cost consumers, your price should be as low as possible while still allowing your company to generate a profit.

It is important that you price your product based on the competition. You need to determine the optimal selling price based on the prices of similar products in the market. Your price should be high enough to cover your costs and make a profit, but low enough to attract customers.

The price of your product must be in line with your business model. If you sell a product for less than its real value, you will not be able to make money from it and you may lose money. If you sell a product at a high price, you may have trouble finding buyers. So you need to find the right balance between the two.

3. Add variants to your product

Variants are all variations of a product, e.g. sizes, colours, materials. They allow consumers to choose the product that best suits them. Variants can also be used to target different consumer groups.

Offering a wide range of products allows customers to choose what is best for them. Customers can choose from a range of products, what is best for them. They can also choose not to buy a product if they do not find it useful.

When creating product variations, it is important to choose the right ones, as they can impact the success of the product. For example, too many variations can overwhelm visitors who won’t know what to choose.

4. Generate your product description in Woocommerce

The product description is one of the most important elements of a product listing on Woocommerce. It must be clear, concise and attractive. In addition, it should give the potential customer all the information they need to know if the product is right for them.

The product description should highlight the key strengths of the product to persuade the customer to buy it. The customer should feel informed about the product and convinced that they need it. The description should be clear and concise so that the customer can easily understand the strengths of the product.

The product description must also make the customer want to buy it, by making them want to use the product. To do this, the description must be concise, clear and attractive. It should highlight the benefits of the product and make the customer want to try it.

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5. Choose the right images for your product sheet

A quality image can make all the difference for a product sheet. HD (1080p) is the minimum today. High resolution images are more appealing and allow buyers to better see what they are buying. Also, quality images are essential for e-commerce sites that use thumbnails to showcase their products.

It is important that the images are clear and represent the product accurately. Consumers need to see what they are going to buy, and if they can’t see the product clearly, they won’t be interested. Also, if the images do not represent the product accurately, consumers will be disappointed once they receive it.

Images should also be attractive and highlight the strengths of the product. Images can make or break a sale, so it’s important to make sure they are of high quality and highlight the strengths of the product.

6. categorize your product page

It is important to choose the right keywords to categorize a product. Keywords can make the difference between a product that sells and one that does not. Keywords can help customers find your product online and decide if your product is what they are looking for.

When buying something, people tend to put it into a category. This can be based on color, size, shape, function, etc. Categorizing a product can help buyers find it more easily. For example, if you are looking for a red colored garment, you would probably look in the red colored clothing section. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can expand your search to other sections, but at least you’ll have an idea of where to look.

Categories can be used to organize products on a website. You can also use advanced systems like Taxopress to automatically organize your products into categories; ideal for large catalogs.

7. Add attributes or tags to your product

When you add attributes or tags to your product, it makes it easier to identify and rank in search results. This can be especially useful if you sell similar products or want your product to appear in search results for certain keywords.

Adding attributes or tags can also make it easier to track your products in your inventory. This allows you to quickly identify missing or damaged products and track sold products.

Attributes and tags can also help customers understand what you’re selling and decide if your product is right for them. Attributes describe the features of a product, while tags can indicate the style, color, or other details that might be important to customers. By using relevant attributes and tags, you can help your customers better understand what you’re offering and decide if your product is right for them.


The content of a product sheet is important for Internet users and search engines. It is therefore important to write it well and to format it so that it is easy to read and understand. Here are some tips for generating content for a product listing in Woocommerce:- Use the title and description fields to describe the product clearly and concisely.- Add images and videos to illustrate the product.- Use categories and tags to organize the content.- Set up a rating and commenting system for users to give feedback.